In loving memory of Nicki Silton.


The Silton Foundation proudly gives 2 grants annually to 6 deserving dancers -  to help benefit dancers who are passionate about West Coast Swing.


This Foundation is designed to promote the education and advancement of West Coast Swing dancers. Founded in 2014, the foundation annually awards:


• The West Coast WCS Scholarship: to one male and one female dancer residing in California, Oregon, or Washington (as well as a runner's up award for each gender)

• The National WCS Scholarship: to one male and one female dancer living in the United States.


Grant winners will request funds during the year for payment for dance academics and conventions. Funds will be paid directly to the provider of services (i.e. teacher, choreographer, dance convention). The funds are to be used at the discretion of the grant winner*. All monies granted must be used within the scope of West Coast Swing within the calendar year, and 50% of funding must be used towards dance education. All event tickets awarded in the grant are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Applicants must:

• be a legal US resident.

• be at least 18 years of age.

• demonstrate significant financial need


This grant is for either social dancers or competitors. Applicants can be at any or no competitive level for West Coast Swing.


*with authorization from the Silton Foundation Board.

**at least 50% of funds must go towards dance education in the form of lessons (private or groups)





Make sure to verify that you

qualify to apply. Please read

the criteria on the About page.


Complete the application forms on the Apply page and submit online or by mail. Applicants will be notified that their application materials have been received within three weeks of their arrival.


Grant applications are reviewed from March 1 until August 15 annually by the Review Board. Grant winners will be determined and awarded in September.

The six  grants are awarded annually in a presentation at BridgeTown Swing in Porltand, Oregon - the convention where Doug & Nicki Silton first met.

2017 Grants

Congratulations: Aris DeMarco, Raquel Safra, Ariel Penu, Ellen Dudley, David Carrington, Ben Byler, Paul Gudeman, Danae Cardenas, Ekaterina Rar, Jenny Cooper, and Melba Adamson.

"Passionate Learning = Passionate Dancing"